Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is Botswana’s second largest national park and is one of Southern Africa’s finest game sanctuaries. The Chobe river is unmistakably one of the most beautiful and unspoiled rivers of Africa. It was the first national park declared after independence and became a full park in 1968. It spreads over 10,566 square kilometres of grassland, mopane and acacia terrain in the far north.

It is home to a breathtaking variety of animals and birds. This area is also the most frequently visited and is considered to be the most commercial. Due to its proximity to Victoria Falls makes Chobe even more popular and easily accessible. The riverfront is popular for its enormous herds of Elephant and Buffalo that concentrate to drink from the river in the dry season. Along the riverfront you will find one of Africa’s largest remaining elephant populations.

The Chobe National Park offers an abundance of wildlife and the true African nature of the region offers a safari experience of a lifetime. A major feature of the Chobe National Park is its elephant population and is famous for its huge herds of elephant and buffalo. Chobe National Park is known to have the largest single concentration of elephants in Africa surviving within a proclaimed national park. Another highlight of this park is the animal migrations, dictated by seasons and food availability. During the wet months (December – March), most animals congregate on the open plains and as the land dries out and the heat builds from April to November, the animals migrate back to the Chobe River’s fertile flood plains.